SRM® Magnetic Field Stud Welding

SRM Technology

The innovative patented stud welding process SRM® (Pat. No.: 10 2004 051 389) opens up new applications especially in the field of automated stud welding machines. Numerous conventional mechanical and welding-related joining processes can be replaced by this method allowing welding at a sheet thickness to stud diameter ratio of 1:10 instead of 1:4 as previously.



This new process also enables energy savings of up to 70% in comparison to the conventional stud welding technique. As there is no further need to use ceramic rings as a welding aid, resources are saved and the costs of disposing of welding waste are considerably reduced.

How SRM® works

The stud is placed into contact with the workpiece and is raised. The arc is triggered.


The arc is guided through the magnetic field in a spiral and melts both joining parts on their entire surface.

The stud immerses into the very flat penetration zone and is inseparably connected.

Ceramic ring versus SRM®

Macrosection of a weld with ceramic ring

Macrosection welding with SRM technology®

The most important benefits at a glance:

  • Less stud burn-off
  • No disturbing flange, weld bead or weld spatter
  • Stud thread can be used right up to the base material
  • Continuous screw connection
  • No arc blow effect
  • Less distortion of the workpiece
  • Penetration depth reduced by 60%
  • 60% reduction in welding time
  • 70% less energy consumption

Unrestricted use, also in out-of-position welding

Mobile welding WITHOUT mains connection

The newly developed BMK-8i ACCU welding inverter is the world’s first portable high-efficiency battery-powered stud welder with drawn arc ignition. With a welding power of 300 A, it enables stud welding up to a diameter of 8 mm (up to M10 with Soyer HZ-1R weld studs). This stud welding device weighs just 8 kg and was specifically developed for the mobile and flexible use of assembly work without grid access. If required, the high capacity accumulator can be charged via an integrated intelligent charging module.


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Welding WITHOUT high-power current

230V single-phase
instead of 400V three-phase


The lightweight, powerful and very energy-efficient BMK-8i welding inverter is suitable for weld studs up to M8. It is ideal for mobile use and enables problem-free operation, even under challenging conditions such as out-of-position welding. The BMK-8i stud welder is an inexpensive entry-level model for the SRM® welding technique.


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Mobile welding WITH high capacity

The BMK-10i stud welding inverter offers a compact and powerful design for mobile applications. With a welding power of 600 A, this device enables precise, safe and spatter-free welding up to Ø 10 mm (up to M12 with Soyer HZ-1R). Thanks to easy handling and operability as well as its low weight of 16.5 kg, the robust BMK-10i stud welder allows flexible applications in the fields of production, repair and assembly.


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Mobile welding in a miniature format

The BMK-12i miniature stud welder, in a handbag format, weighs just 7.8 kg and, with a welding capacity of 800 amps, is suitable for weld studs of up to Ø 12 mm. It does not require ceramic rings when welding and produces high strength welded joints without annoying flanges, welding beads or welding splatter. This enables welders to use the stud thread right up to the base material.


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All-rounder for welding tasks UP TO M16

The tried and tested BMK-16i stud welding inverter is infinitely versatile and well suitable for stud welding, electro-welding and tungsten-inert gas welding in equal measure. This welding device is optionally available for semi- and fully automated stud feed and offers increased ease of use through an integrated quality control, which allows welding results to be monitored at any time.


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The right tool for optimum welds

With the correct stud to success

New HZ-1 "Black Series" weld stud generation

of property class 8.8 with full black colour marking (registered as utility patent under file number 20 2015 100 234.3)


universal weld stud

  • Patented weld stud* with flat end face and centering tip
  • Ideal for SRM® magnetic field stud welding
  • Standardization to a single stud type
  • Simplification for construction, technology, purchasing, storage
  • Precise stud positioning by means of centering tip
  • Complete fusion without diameter reduction
  • Stud thread fully usable to the base material
  • Stud copper plating for steel studs as corrosion protection
  • Improvement of product quality and product safety

*patented HZ-1 weld stud (Pat. No. 10 2006 016 553)

More variety, more applications

  • Metal and glass construction
  • Construction of electrical devices
  • Container construction
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Steel construction



  • Systems construction
  • Apparatus constructions
  • Metalworking
  • Motor vehicle construction
  • Roofing

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